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Bike Hire

From retro classics to Top Treks

If you want to save yourself the hassle of travelling with your bike we hold a small stock of road bikes.

  • DT Swiss P1800 Spline wheelsets - a lightweight aluminum wheel with Swiss DT D370 hubs.
  • Vittoria Rubino Pro Road 25mm tyres.
  • Rear cassette - 10 speed 12-28
  • Compact or triple chainrings.
  • Brake cables.

Price per day: 30 Euro. Weekly rate: 150 Euro

The Klein Quantum Race - a classic bike designed by Gary Klein.

Klein was a bicycle company founded by Gary Klein that pioneered the use of large diameter aluminium tubes for greater stiffness and lower weight.

Klein produced his first bicycle frames while a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology during the 1970s, and full production runs of frames began in the 1980s. In 1995 the company was purchased by the Trek and the original Klein factory at Chehalis, Washington, closed in 2002 as production moved to the Trek headquarters at Waterloo, Wisconsin. Widespread distribution in the United States stopped in 2007, and ceased altogether in the rest of the world in 2009.

This is a '97 model and Roger's 40th birthday present.

Price per day: 40 Euro. Weekly price : 200 Euro

Another little bit of history about the Klein is that they were famous for their paintwork, and offered a large number of custom colours and patterns.The paint used was a Durethane enamel non-metallic paint that cost up to US$1,800 per gallon. The Klein logo was debossed into the frame by painting the frame in the colour of the logo, then applying a mask and painting the pattern.

This is a '97 Klein model previously owned by our good friends at Pace, Yorkshire.

Price per day: 40 Euro Weekly price: 200 Euro

A great bike for a youngster who is used to riding a road bike.

Price per day: 25 Euro Weekly Price 120 Euro

Does your stock of bikes include a pump and repair kit?

Yes, each of our bikes have repair kits and pumps. They also have water bottle cages and we have a lots of water bottles.

How much does France Bike Rentals charge for transport costs?

France Bike Rentals charge a 95 Euro flat fee each way so no matter if you order 1 bike or a number of bikes its the same price.

It is important that every member of your group informs France Bike Rentals that you are all in the same group to avoid being charged an separate fee.

If you want top of the range, high performance bikes our associates at France Bike Rentals have a huge stock of Trek and Pinarello bikes.. Book direct with them at and your bikes will be waiting for you on arrival. Delivery charges one way to Velo Vercors for solo or group rental is 175 euro.

Hybrid Bikes

We have a small 'stock of Hybrid bikes with flat handle bars and slick tyres for road use.

Price per day: 20 Euro Weekly price: 110 Euro

We also have a small stock of children's hybrid bikes, again with flat handle bars and slick tyres.

Price per day: 10 Euro Weekly price: 50 Euro

Electric bikes are available to hire from at La Chapelle-en-Vercors.