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Covid 19 Confinement at Velo Vercors

June 22, 2020

During the recent strict French confinement for Covid 19 we were allowed to leave our home for 1 hour for a maximum distance of 1km and had to have on our person an 'Attestation de Deplacement Derogatorie' and a piece of identity to prove we were keeping to the rules. Cycling and hiking was forbidden and there were many occasions I felt a sense of envy when I realised the freedom UK cyclists had. In fact, it has been the only time in 12 years, since moving to France that I would have preferred being in the UK to take advance of the road conditions and get out on my bike. Guests have regaled me with their cycling adventures on roads they haven't cycled on in over 30 years. With traffic conditions resembling that of the 60's it was safe to cycle on main roads and take a trip down memory lane. Hearing these stories, I was also tinged with sadness because it only proves that given safer road conditions with less cars and lorries, more and more people, including families with young children who are the future generation of cyclists will be encouraged to take to two wheels.

So, during this strict lockdown I decided to spend time in the garden that has been a little neglected during the past few years and I've fallen in love with it all over, again. The vegetable patch has been a real success this year and we are going to have a bumper crop of tomatoes, salads, chard and spinach. We've already feasted on strawberries, red currants and raspberries and the fruit trees are practically bowing with the weight of pears, plums and apples. The cherry season for us and the birds has been an absolute delight.

Like everyone else, there have been lots of DIY jobs and some of my favourite additions are the outdoor shower beside the swimming pool, fed by gravity from the fresh mountain water in the canal. The gites are getting new decks and new garden areas have been developed.

Hilda, Hattie, Scraggie Aggie and Dora the Explorer, our new hens are top egg layers giving us 4 eggs every day. Frittatas have become a staple lunch and 'Amy's Polenta Cake' is a frequent treat.

All aspects of lockdown restrictions have been removed since Monday 15th June and locals are flocking to the local cafes and restaurants to catch up with friends and family and also to show their support for local businesses. There is a real buzz in the town again and its great to see the town coming to life again. Eurostar and Eurotunnel are up and running and friends have arrived from the UK without any checks either side of the border. Lets just hope quarantine is lifted between France and the UK very soon and we will have UK guests this year. Until then, we are looking forward to welcoming Belgium, Danish, French and Icelandic guests.

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